4. Run the App

For running your application, you may first have to stop your Tomcat/TomEE server (with bin/shutdown.bat for Windows or bin/shutdown.sh for Linux). Next, download and unzip our ZIP archive file containing all the source code of the application and also the ANT script file that you have to edit (modify the server.folder property value). Now, execute the following command in your console or terminal:

ant deploy -Dappname=SubtypingApp

Finally, start your Tomcat web server (by using bin/startup.bat for Windows OS or bin/startup.sh for Linux). Please be patient, this can take some time depending on the speed of your computer. It will be ready when the console displays the following message: INFO: Initializing Mojarra [some library versions and paths are shonw here] for context '/subtypingapp'. Finally, open a web browser and type: