Chapter 8. Implementing Bidirectional Associations with Plain JS

Table of Contents
1. Make a JavaScript Class Model
2. Write the Model Code
2.1. New issues
2.2. Coding Summary
2.3. Code each class of the JS class model
2.4. Code the set methods of single-valued properties
2.5. Code the add and remove operations
2.6. Suppress the storage of the values of derived properties
2.7. Take care of deletion dependencies
3. Exploit Inverse Reference Properties in the User Interface
3.1. Show information about published books in Retrieve/List All

In this chapter, we show

  1. how to derive a JS class model from an OO class model with derived inverse reference properties,

  2. how to code the JS class model in the form of JavaScript model classes,

  3. how to write the view and controller code based on the model code.