2. Make a JS Class Model

Our starting point for making a JS class model is the following OO class model:

This model contains, in addition to the single-valued reference property Book::publisher representing the unidirectional many-to-one association Book-has-Publisher, the multi-valued reference property Book::authors representing the unidirectional many-to-many association Book-has-Author.

For deriving a JS class model from the OO class model we have to follow the same steps as in Section 3 and, in addition, we have to take care of multi-valued reference properties, such as Book::authors, for which we

  1. create a class-level check operation, such as checkAuthor, which is responsible for checking the corresponding referential integrity constraint for the references to be added to the property's collection;

  2. create an add operation, such as addAuthor, for adding a reference to the collection;

  3. create a remove operation, such as removeAuthor, for removing a reference from the collection.

This leads to the following JS class model: