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Interests: Web enginnering (especially withJavaScript), foundational ontologies, modeling and simulation

Gerd Wagner is a researcher, developer and instructor. As a passionate developer who started to code with Pascal and BASIC in the 1980s, and then used Prolog and C++ in the 1990s, Java, PHP and JavaScript in the 2000s, he increasingly learned to love JavaScript for its unique blend of OO, functional and dynamic programming. He started the platform for the learning developer, where he only recently published the tutorial books “Building Front-End Web Apps with Plain JavaScript” and, jointly with Mircea Diaconescu, “Building Back-End Web Apps with Java, JPA and JSF”. He has studied Mathematics, Philosophy and Informatics in Heidelberg, San Francisco and Berlin. Since 2004, he is Professor of Internet Technology at Brandenburg University of Technology, Cottbus, Germany. His research interests include modeling and simulation, foundational ontologies, and knowledge representation. He has more than 150 publications in these areas in international journals and books, 37 of which have been cited at least 37 times (according to Google Scholar).

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Interests: Web engineering (especially Web of Things), Arduino-based control systems, robotics

Mircea Diaconescu enjoys to work with the newest web technologies, especially when combined with electronics, as in Web of Things projects. JavaScript/NodeJS, Java, PHP and C/C++ are among his favorite programming languages. He holds a Master degree in Computer Science from Craiova University, Romania, and is currently an academic employee and PhD student at the Chair of Internet Technology, Brandenburg University of Technology, Germany. Jointly with Gerd Wagner, he published the tutorial book “Building Back-End Web Apps with Java, JPA and JSF”, and has presented more than 15 scientific papers in international workshops and conferences.