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Contribute by implementing our example apps with your favorite language/framework and by co-authoring the 6 articles of our tutorial format, or by writing a language/framework summary article or cheat sheet. In particular, we would like to have tutorials about implementing our example web apps with

  • Java Spring
  • PHP Symfony
  • EmberJS
  • TypeScript
  • ReactJS
  • MeteorJS
  • ...

As a contributor you keep the right to sell your tutorials/books as e-books or print books either with a publisher or as self-publisher and receive royalties based on the sales numbers of your book(s). As a non-for-profit platform, just requests the right to distribute your contributed contents in the form of open access HTML documents and will not make any profits with it. However, we support contributors in the technical creation process (e.g. with DocBook XML or HTML/CSS).

Please contact Gerd Wagner or Mircea Diaconescu, if you want to (co-)author a tutorial/book for

You can also support us by:

As a corporate sponsor you can publish sponsored articles and other resources on Please contact Gerd Wagner for discussing a possible corporate sponsorship.