About Us

web-engineering.info is a non-for-profit organization that is committed to supporting both learning developers and authors of learning materials:

  1. We support beginning, early and advanced developers in learning the state of the art of web development, not only (the most recent) technologies, but also concepts, techniques and best practices;
  2. We support authors by providing a platform for collaboratively creating, reviewing and publishing learning contents based on proven formats.

We publish a variety of high-quality learning resources: tutorials, books, language summary articles, cheat sheets, posters, blog articles and curated links. All of these resources are free and open access. In the case of books, they are available as open access online books (in HTML), but we also sell them as e-books and as printed books for being able to remunerate our authors who receive 100% of the revenue in the form of royalties.

In addition to providing high-quality learning resources, we also support question-answering and discussions related to our tutorials and books on our forums.

The contents of web-engineering.info are authored by our team of contributors.

Contacting us:

Gerd Wagner
LS Internet-Technologie
BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg
Postfach 101344
03013 Cottbus