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Validation with mODELcLASSjs

An example of a JavaScript front-end app with constraint validation built with the mODELcLASSjs library supporting model-based development

This app is accompanied by a tutorial. See also the project page. This app supports the following operations:

  • For playing with the app, you may first want to and then view it with . For observing the internal status and error messages, turn on the JavaScript console.

    This JavaScript front-end app takes care of only one object type ("books"), for which it supports the four standard data management operations (Create/Retrieve/Update/Delete). Using the framework component mODELcLASSjs helps to avoid a lot of boilerplate code otherwise needed for data storage management and for constraint validation. The app still needs to be enhanced by adding further object types (for publisher and author data) with associations (e.g. between books and their authors) and subtyping/inheritance.