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Plain JS Enumeration App

An example of a plain JavaScript front-end web app with enumeration attributes.

This app, which is accompanied by a tutorial, is the 3rd example app of our incremental sequence of six examples of Plain JS Front-End Web Apps. This app supports the following operations:

  • a new book record
  • and list all book records
  • a book record
  • a book record
  • database
  • test data
  • For playing with the app, you may first want to and then view it with . For observing the internal status and error messages, turn on the JavaScript console.

    This JavaScript front-end data management app takes care of only one object type ("books") for which it supports the four standard data management operations (Create/Retrieve/Update/Delete). It extends the validation app (described in Part 2 of our tutorial) by adding enumeration attributes, but it needs to be extended by adding further important parts of the app's overall functionality.