information architecture, Application Architecture
integrity constraints, Introduction


Java, Java Basics
bean class, Java Basics
boilerplate code, Boilerplate code
Java EE, Building a Minimal Web App with Java EE in Seven Steps
entity class, Java Basics
Java Persistence API, Building a Minimal Web App with Java EE in Seven Steps, Java Basics
entity manager, Step 2 - Write the Model Code, Create the EntityManager and UserTransaction objects
Java Persistence Query Language, Java Basics, Retrieving all Book instances, Step 5 - Implement the Retrieve/List All Use Case
(see also Structured Query Language)
Java Server Faces, Building a Minimal Web App with Java EE in Seven Steps, Java Basics
facelets, Java Basics
validators, Validation in the Create use case
JavaScript, JavaScript - "the assembly language of the Web", Types and data literals in JavaScript
anonymous function expression, Methods and Functions
array, Array lists
choice widgets, Write the View Code
classes, Defining and using classes
closure, Methods and Functions
datatypes, Types and data literals in JavaScript, Code the model class as a constructor function
entity tables, JavaScript supports four types of basic data structures
enumeration, Enumerations in JavaScript
class, Constructor-based classes, Code the model class as an ES6 class, Virtual Derived Properties
function definition, Methods and Functions
functions, Methods and Functions
immediately invoked function expression (IIFE), Methods and Functions
implicit getters, Virtual Derived Properties
implicit setters, Using implicit JS setters, Make a JavaScript Class Model, Code the model class as an ES6 class, Code the implicit getters and setters
IndexedDB, Using IndexedDB as an Alternative to LocalStorage
localStorage, JavaScript's LocalStorage API
map, Different kinds of objects, Maps
methods, Methods and Functions
namespace, Different kinds of objects
Object Notation (JSON), Entity Tables
objects, Different kinds of objects
record, Different kinds of objects
strict mode, Strict Mode
type conversions, Types and data literals in JavaScript
type testing, Types and data literals in JavaScript
variable scope, Variable scope
JPA (see Java Persistence API)
JPQL (see Java EE Java Persistence Query Language)
JSF (see Java Server Faces)


Model-View-Controller, The Model-View-Controller (MVC) Architecture Metaphor, MVC Web Applications
mediating-controller MVC, MVC Web Applications
multiple validation problem, New Issues
MVC (see Model-View-Controller)
MVVM, "Logical" versus "Physical" User Interface


default namespace, XML namespaces


Object Constraint Language, Beyond property constraints
Object-Relational Mapping, The Model-View-Controller (MVC) Architecture Metaphor
OCL (see Object Constraint Language)
Onion Architecture, The Onion Architecture Metaphor
onion principle, Application Architecture
ORM (see Object-Relational Mapping)
OWL (see Web Ontology Language)


UBL (see Universal Business Language)
UML (see Unified Modeling Language)
Unicode, Unicode and UTF-8
Unified Modeling Language, Information Modeling
associations, Connecting Classes with Associations
class diagram, Classes with Properties and Methods
enumeration, Code lists
Universal Business Language, Special Datatypes
URL-encoded, HTML forms
UTF-8, Unicode and UTF-8


Web Ontology Language, Information Modeling
usability, Usability issues of RDF and OWL