6. Quiz Questions

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6.1. Question 1: Well-Formed XML

Which of the following fragments represent well-formed XML? Select one or many:

  1. <emph><STRONGER>This is some text <bold>and this is more text. Here is even more.</bold> text.</STRONGER></emph>

  2. <stronger>This text is bold. <emph>And this is italicized and bold.</emph></stronger><emph>And this is just italics.</emph>

  3. <STRONGER>This text is bold. <emph>And this is italicized and bold.</STRONGER> And this is just italics.</emph>

  4. <strong>This text is bold. <em>and this is italicized and bold.</EM></strong><em>and this is just italics.</em>

6.2. Question 2: HTML Forms

Recall that an HTML form is a section of an HTML document consisting of block elements that contain controls and labels on those controls. Which of the following form elements represent correct forms? Select one or many:

  1. <form>
      <div><label>ISBN: </label><input name="isbn" /></div>
      <div><label>title: </label><input name="title" /></div>
  2. <form>
        <label for="isbn">ISBN: </label><input id="isbn" name="isbn" />
        <label for="title">title: </label><input id="title" name="title" />
  3. <form>
      <label>ISBN: <input name="isbn" /></label><br />
      <label>Title: <input name="title" /></label>
  4. <form>
      <div><label for="isbn">ISBN: </label><input name="isbn" /></div>
      <div><label for="title">title: </label><input name="title" /></div>
  5. <form>
      <div><label>ISBN: <input name="isbn" /></label></div>
      <div><label>Title: <input name="title" /></label></div>