Asynchronous Programming in JavaScript

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In programming, we often have the situation that, when calling a possibly time-consuming input/output (I/O) operation (or any long-running operation, e.g., for performing a complex computation), the program execution has to wait for its result being returned before it can go on. Calling such an operation and waiting for its result, while the main program's further execution (and its entire thread) is blocked, represents a synchronous operation call.

Web Development Pitfall No.1: Confusing a DOM collection with a JS array

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Don't confuse a DOM collection with a JS array: Array functions, such as the forEach looping method, cannot be applied to a DOM collection!

For instance, when you retrieve all rows of an HTML table element, you get an HTMLCollection, which is an array-like object, but not an instance of Array, and therefore the following code does not succeed because the Array method forEach is not defined for an HTMLCollection like myTableEl.rows:

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